About I.H.S

Meet Brian Shirk


Brian Shirk is an owner and director of IHS, an authorised financial services provider who specialises in business insurance. He has a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry, with skills in Financial and Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting. A highly successful entrepreneur himself, Brian completed his Hons. B.Compt specialising in Accounting, Auditing, and Tax from the University of South Africa (UNISA). Driven by his passion to help others achieve success, Brian is committed to providing quality advice and service to clients nationwide.

Brian is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) who has been providing stellar services in Financial Advisory, Health Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Life Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance for many years. He understands that these are important aspects of one’s life that should be given careful consideration before making any decisions or signing on with a new provider. He wants to make sure you feel confident about your decision so he will take the time to answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have. A successful financial services veteran, Brian has been in the industry since 1996.

He started a career in auditing at Grant Thornton in Cape Town and held a position as Audit Manager until 1995. After taking over the family business, B Box – a clothing retailer – he left the company in 2002 to focus on IHS which, itself, was founded in 1991. IHS (Informed Healthcare Solutions), was originally focused on medical aid for corporates and individuals but has evolved in the past 15 to 20 years to offer risk, investments, and short-term insurance solutions.

Brian has always been interested in the financial world, and, today, he is an owner and director of I.H.S., a reputable financial services company that specialises in insurance products for small businesses. He is highly respected within the industry and is known for his dedication to providing excellent customer service.

IHS: How it All Began

The company began operating as a healthcare consultancy in 1992 under the name Intasure Health Services. At that time, it received two different medical aid books: from CEBO and Intasure (who were mainly short-term insurance providers), which would eventually grow into IHS.

Richard Knowles and Mike Narun run the Cape Town operation. Brian assists in running the Cape Town operation and runs the Johannesburg branch. They have since been joined by three other partners: Stephen McPetrie in 2007, Graham Pike in 2010 as well as David Narun in 2012.

IHS’s healthcare book grew extensively over time to include other policy types like Gap Cover and Primary Health Cover. While these have all been shaped by the innovations within our markets, they have also shaped the company’s current comprehensive insurance offerings for the South African small business sector.

In 2008, Intasure’s minority shareholding was bought out by the the then 5 I H S Shareholders, and I H S changed its name to Informed Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd. It also began increasing its financial footprint into life insurance, investments, short-term insurance etc., thus expanding horizons while maintaining registrations under appropriate financial services and regulatory laws for consultants able to provide advice about these products.

IHS has grown rapidly in the past decade since it has introduced new product categories and now offers many different types of financially oriented services.

I.H.S. offers a variety of insurance-related services including:

Key Man Insurance Policies

This product is beneficial to individuals whose business would suffer if a Key Person associated with it were to die or be disabled and unable to continue as an employee of the company.

Buy-Sell Insurance Policies

This product enables business owners to protect themselves in the event of a change in ownership or partnership, as a result of the death, disability, or resignation of a shareholder.

Contingent Liability Policies

This product is purchased in the event of financing needed for the business. This could be as a result of expansion or purchasing of a large asset by the business. It could be also be necessary at the time of purchasing the entity.