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I.H.S. offers a variety of insurance-related services including:

We make it our priority to get the best coverages for the best price for our clients. I.H.S. is dedicated to providing our clients with unmatched service excellence.

Key Man Insurance Policies

This product is beneficial to individuals whose business would suffer if a Key Person associated with it were to die or be disabled and unable to continue as an employee of the company.

Buy-Sell Insurance Policies

This product enables business owners to protect themselves in the event of a change in ownership or partnership, as a result of the death, disability, or resignation of a shareholder.

Contingent Liability Policies

This product is taken out in the event of financing needed for the business. This could be as a result of expansion or the purchasing of a large asset for the business. It could also be necessary at the time of purchasing the entity.


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I.H.S. is a financial services company that has been providing the small business sector with dedicated insurance solutions for more than 30 years